First of all, dish-washing is not a “mom-to-do” job but a family job. Let's face the truth that washing dirty and messy dishes and cookers by hand is not the epitome of fun.

We can’t make dish-washing less trivial, but through these steps, we promise to save you the hassle and give you more fun with CLEACE Dish-washing Liquid.


1. Grab A Sponge and CLEACE Fruity Dish-washing Liquid

2. Check Your Drain


Load The Sink

Place items into the sink from biggest to smallest. Start with the largest items (e.g., pots, pans, platters, and large bowls).

2.Prep Your Sponge

Add a few drops of CLEACE Fruity Dish-Washing liquid with warm water

3.Wash From Small To Big

scrub, rinse, and dry, easy and clean

4.Clean The Sink

The so-called post-wash wash

5. Air-Dry Until Dry

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