Which room in the house do you least like cleaning? Bet you said the bathroom. Bathroom is universally acknowledged as a tough and easily-neglected place in our home. Germs,hairs,dust,water stains and many other tiny pathogenic microorganism are hiding in tubes,sinks,corners even everywhere in bathroom. Therefore, cleaning your bathrooms fast and efficiently with CLEACE products is what you need.


Here’s How to clean your bathroom fast and efficiently*

1. Remove all items aside, dust and sweep.

2. Apply CLEACE Toilet Cleaner to shower and bathtub.

Apply CLEACE Toilet cleaner,disinfect and sterilize, and inhibit the reproduction of bacteria meanwhile keep the air fruity fresh.

3. Tackle other surfaces.

CLEACE Alcohol Spray to your cleaning device (i.e. microfiber cloth, sponge, ceramic tiles,floor,etc.) and wipe down any towel racks, shelves, baseboards, doors, blinds and windowsills.

4. Clean the vanity area.

Spray the CLEACE All-purpose Cleaner on the sink, faucets and countertops, then wipe with a clean cloth,Use the CLEACE Glass Cleaner on your mirror.

5. Clean the toilet.

CLEACE Toilet Cleaner and Bleach Disinfectant can get the job done perfectly. Spray and sprinkle cleaner and bleach,then scrub with a toilet brush before flushing.

Spray the outside of the toilet with the cleaner, then wipe with a clean cloth.

6. Mop the floor

7. Share to your friends and family

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