1.Use a cleanser suitable for your skin type

CLEACE cares as friendly to different skin types

2. Don't use too many products

CLEACE Beauty soap, Hand Washing Liquid,Hand Sanitizer and Wipes work enough.

3. Moisturizing day and night

4. Don't touch your face

Hands are the most touched part of your body and always remember sterilize your hands with CLEACE Hand Sanitizer or Hand Washing Liquid. Our disinfectant wipes are also can kill 99% germs effectively and meanwhile keep your hand moisturized and smooth

5.Replenish water inside and outside

Drink water and wash your body and hands.

6.Vitamins should go on your skin, too

Laundry Soap With Vitamin E is your perfect choice

7.Maintain a healthy diet

We are what we eat.

8.Sleep Well

Guess why all princesses are all so charming and gorgeous?

Always sleeping.

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