Keep Baby Close to You

Mask on and hold your babies close and keep social distance from others and better keep your babies at home. CLEACE Disinfectant Wipes are what you need to keep clean and safe.

Stay Clear of Crowded Places

Better stay at home

Mini CLEACE Hand Sanitizer In Bag To School

CLEACE Hand Sanitizer has special 29ml,60ml and 100ml portable mini bottles for everyone especially for our children from school and family-size bottles at home.

Take Precautions When it Comes to Your Pets

Pets are important family members for us nowadays, good companion as they are, but still they can carry many germs and bacteria, therefore, CLEACE Alcohol spray is good helper to clean toys and your pets skin, if they don’t like the smell, then try our CLEACE Disinfectant Wipes, they will love it anyway.

Products You Need

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