What Are the Different Types of Stains?

Enzymatic - Grass and blood stains, for example

Grease - Butter or other oily stains

Body soils - Collar and sweat stains

Bleachable - Stains from coffee and tea

Clay, soil, or dirt stains


1.Remove dried stains.

Use tissues or brushes to remove as many dried stains as possible from clothes.

2.The important thing here is to know the type of stain to be treated, because each stain requires a different pretreatment method:

Enzyme stains: Pour liquid detergent directly on the stains.

Rub the fabric lightly, or use a soft toothbrush to make the detergent enter the fabric fibers in a circular motion.

Greasy or oily: pre-soak in a soaking solution of detergent and warm water, or pre-treat with dishwashing detergent.

Body-soil stains: Rinse clothes affected by body stains in cold water.

Bleachable stains: pre-soak and wash

clay or dirt stains with powder detergent: first soak in liquid detergent in cold water and then add detergent.

3.Measure the correct amount of detergent based on the product label and your load. Wash clothes.

4.Choose the most suitable wash temperature and cycle setting according to the instructions given on the clothing fabric care label, and then inspect the clothing before drying.

5.Do not put the clothes in the dryer until the stains are completely removed, because drying will cause stains.

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