CLEACE High Concentrated Laundry Liquid

CLEACE Laundry Liquid is phosphate-free, concentrated formula powerfully dissolves the stains on top of or deep inside the textile fiber. The softening ingredients guarantee the fabric feeling soft after wash. A unique easy rinsing formula combined with natural orchid essence can leave no residual except a slice of floral with your washed clothes.

It’s tough, it’s safe and it’s eco-friendly.

Perfume Midnight Breeze Scent
Active Matter >20%
Certificate ISO9001,ISO14001,BV & GSP
Suitable For both hand and machine wash
Application Applies to all fabric washing,especial for silk, mohair,cotton, wool
Main Features

Non-harmful to skin, ECO friendly

Protects dark colors. Black stays black longer

Makes fabrics soft, smooth and comfortable.

Low foam,easy to rinse

High quality

Competitive price

Reasonable bottle design, beautiful and comfortable

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